Celebrating fifty years of friendship 1964 to 2014

Our meeting in February 2014 was a party held at Notre Dame School Auditorium in celebration of fifty years of Dormans Evening WI.  Almost all our 73 members were there, plus many friends from neighbouring WIs.

Joy Greasley opened the evening with a welcome speech

Mavis Tettmar, who was a founder member in 1964 and celebrated her eightieth birthday this week, cut the DEWI birthday cake.

Shirley Hunt made the cake

Jean Martyn "Miss Liquid Sunshine", finalist at Britain's Got Talent 2011, entertained us.

Sylvia Pettingell reminded us of all the many fun-filled events DEWI had held over the years.  She has hardly missed a meeting since she joined in 1964, travelling all the way from Eastbourne where she now lives.  That's how special DEWI is!

Ellen Winter, Marjorie Ellett, Pam Berkley, Christine Gatland, Anne van Vliet, Joy Greasley and Sue Dean co-ordinated the designing and working of the Friendship Cloth.

16 past presidents attended the party.  From left to right Jill Browning, Sheilah Gray, Enid Marten, Sylvia Pettingell, Anna Ecclestone, Marjorie Ellett, Jill Parnell, Fay Vaughan, Joy Greasley, Marion Pocock, Margaret Lewis, Shirley Hunt, Marlene Hughes, Anne van Vliet, Sue Dean, Maureen Young.

Two happy DEWI members, Joan and Lesley