Arts and Crafts

During 2013, all our members participated in the making a "Friendship Cloth" with the theme "Fifty Years of Friendship" to commemorate our Golden Celebration in 2014. 

We have many skilled members who enjoy craft sessions. These are some of the things we have learned:-   

Christmas table decorations and garlands for the door

Watercolour painting


Padded gift boxes

Decorated earthenware


To commemorate forty years of DEWI, members embroidered a cherry table cloth for the president's table.  This project was co-ordinated by Pam Berkley and Birgit Stone, and many members embroidered a few cherries each.  The central panel of the cloth is shown in the picture.

When the Olympics came to London in 2012, every competitor was presented with a comemorative pennant made by people and organisations around the country.  Sue Dean, Pam Berkley and Ruth Fruen made this beautiful pennant on behalf of DEWI for this project.  We hope it found a good home somewhere in the world.


Imagination is allowed to run riot in the WI, an example of which was the Surrey Scarecrow Competition to commemorate 90 years of WI in Surrey - 1918 to 2008.  A group of DEWI members created "Emily Tate the Scarecrow".  Half of her was suffragette, the other half was Catherine Tate ("Am I bovvered?").