Norma's Almond Macaroons

7 oz caster sugar
1 oz granulated sugar (but Norma prefers all gran)
1/2 oz rice flour
2 - 3 egg whites according to size
2 - 3 drops of almond essence
Split almonds
Rice paper if you can find it

Set oven at 350F/180c (less for fan oven), Gas mark 4

Mix everything except the almonds and beat with a wooden spoon for at least five minutes.
Leave to rest for 5 minutes while you cut out about 12 squares of rice paper (more for smaller cakes).
Beat for another five minutes until thick, white and creamy.
Spoon onto paper, or pipe if you want a neat finish.
Top with a split almond or almond flakes and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Test by eating one - they are very moreish even if a little underdone.

If you are unable to find rice paper, baking paper works almost as well.

The consistency should be that of a dropping cake mixture, not to dry like bread dough and not too runny like batter.

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