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Posted by Theresa Lloyd on 29/04/2019   Email

Hello all at DEWI. Will be at Anne Van Vliet's in August but the week after your meeting, lovely website xx

Posted by Geraldine Richards on 23/10/2016

Many thanks Anne van Vliet for your kind comments. Your website was one singled out for us to look at when we first set up our own website back in 2011. Regards from us in Staffordshire to all your members.

Posted by Theresa Lloyd on 01/05/2016   Email

I love your website. Lots of information. Xx

Posted by Lucy Stowell on 26/11/2015

Really good to see that the WI is still very much alive and kicking and going strong! Very inspirational!

Posted by Fiona Manlove on 26/04/2015   Email

Just to say how lovely the flower bed opposite the church looks. It is a joy to pass it. Well done to all of you who worked so hard! Let's hope it says that way. Best wishes, Fiona x

Posted by Mrs Angharad Bowen-Holmes on 18/04/2015   Email

You have a great Web site. I look forward to visiting it again and saying hello to you all! Very best wishes from Penmynydd WI on the Isle of Anglesey - birthplace of the Women's Institute movement in 1915. Would love to see you join us on Facebook.

Posted by Liz Shervington on 04/03/2015

Just found your website via Pinterest......very inspirational and I might be pinching a few ideas for Minster in Thanet WI. Well done ladies.

Posted by Jean Martyn on 25/02/2015

Thank you so much for recommending me to WI head Office which resulted in a fabulous editorial and front page photo on WI life. It was very much appreciated. Love to you all, Jean Martyn

Posted by Anne on 30/11/2014   Email

Best wishes to all at Blagdon WI!

Posted by judith swetman on 30/11/2014   Email

Thanks for the help this website has given me and the committee of Blagdon WI,of which I am President this year

Posted by anne van Vliet on 17/08/2014

Hi Kim, Best wishes from Dormansland to Old Coulsdon for a successful new WI.

Posted by Kim Hayman on 17/08/2014

I enjoyed reading your website it is very informative and easy to use. I am one of a group of ladies starting a new evening WI group in Old Coulsdon, we launch in October and I hope we can look back in years to come and say we had as much fun as your group look like they have.

Posted by Anne van Vliet on 23/07/2014   Email

Hello Christine, how lovely that you got in touch. I certainly remember you very well! I hope you are all well. It would be lovely if you were able to come and visit DEWI. Where do you live now?

Posted by Christine donaldson on 23/07/2014

Hello from a previous dewi member ( and committee member) during years 76-84. Loved looking at the photos and and catching up with your news. I recognise a few people Ann VV Karil G and one or two more. Great to see dewi is still going strong. Maybe I can get myself organised to call in to one of your meetings sometime. I lived in The Meades and organised many craft evenings which members may or may not remember.

Posted by Anne on 27/05/2014   Email

Hello Linda, thank you so much for your kind comments. We hope you found something for your garden. Please come and see us in the tea tent at Dormansland Carnival on 12th July. Or even better, come to one of our meetings.

Posted by Linda Phillips on 26/05/2014   Email

Fantastic website really informative! I came to the plant sale and found a very friendly welcome as well as the plants (tea and cakes of course) thank you ladies

Posted by Anne van Vliet on 09/05/2014   Email

Thanks Beverly. Maybe DEWI will progress to a Facebook page one of these days!

Posted by Beverly Moore on 09/05/2014   Email

I heard about DEWI website through Anne Van Vliet who had read a post I had made on Essex WI Federation Facebook page. Reading all about Dormans Evening WI has been most enjoyable, you are a very proactive group and I will return periodically to catch up I. Events etc. Beverly Moire Member of Great Hallingbury WI (Essex) & Also a member of Bishop's Stortford WI (Hertfordshire)

Posted by Sally Dampney on 16/01/2014

Happy birthday DEWI! Enjoy your celebrations. The friendship cloth is gorgeous.

Posted by Sally Dampney on 11/09/2013

Eastwick WI Camera Club members enjoyed a happy day with DEWI members today, lunching in a pub before exploring Bletchingley village, taking photographs together. Thank you for your company - we do hope your own Camera Club will soon be up and running!

Posted by Anne van Vliet on 13/02/2013   Email

Hello Sue, We do hope your move goes through smoothly and we look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings. DEWI is full of lovely people and you will be most welcome. Sue's a good name, we already have three so look forward to welcome a fourth!

Posted by Sue Millidge on 13/02/2013   Email

What a fantastic website! Recently retired, I have been keen to join a WI group, but deferred in the expectation that we hoped to 'move out' a bit. We have now found a house in Dormansland, and if all goes through I look forward to seeking you out in the future. Looks as though I was right to wait.

Posted by Anne van Vliet on 20/06/2012

Hi Marion. Many thanks for your kind words. I have added a mention about Surrey WI News. I had to think for a few minutes what the acronym stood for! I still tend to call it Surrey News, which I believe is what it used to be called.

Posted by Marion P Taylor-Cotter on 20/06/2012   Email

I have really enjoyed reading your website and looking at the pictures. It is a lot easier to navigate than NFWI website. You obviously devote a lot of time and effort into making the site attractive. My only complaint is you do not mention SWIN but you do mention WI Life

Posted by Marie Prescott on 04/03/2012   Email

Very impressed with your website, you have obviously put a lot of thought, time and effort in. Best wishes to you all from Lincolnshire.

Posted by Anne on 03/03/2012

Hi Jennie, great to make a connection with The Harmonies, the ambassadors of the WI. Wishing you much continued success. What about a gig in Dormansland sometime? It's a little village, but its got three WIs!

Posted by Jennie Mantell Marshall on 03/03/2012

Dear All, at Dormans Evening WI. I just wanted to leave a note to say how thrilled I was to find Jerusalem by The Harmonies on your web page. I sing with The Harmonies and we love it when we find such lovely support out there :) I hope you don't mind but I put the link to your web page on our facebook page with a thank you to you for your support. Kind regards, Jennie Mantell Mile Oak WI, Staffs and singer in The Harmonies x

Posted by Maureen James on 26/02/2012   Email

Very impressed at your website. So informative and interesting. It is wonderful to see the progress that the WI is making in your area. It certainly gives 'food for thought' to other WIs to do or add to their own websites.

Posted by Anne on 21/02/2011   Email

Hi Annette - I see your WI is in the far Western reaches of Surrey, whereas we are almost falling off the edge of the Eastern frontier. Best wishes from DEWI to all at Trumps Green WI. No doubt more and more WIs will be developing their own websites, so get in there ahead of the rest! We find the website is an important tool for getting messages to both members and visitors to the site. Your website can be just one simple page with contact information, or as complex as you have time to make it. BT Community Webkits provides our hosting and web-building service which is free for not-for-profit organisations. You can find them on our "Useful Links" page.

Posted by Annette Try on 21/02/2011   Email

Just came by to look at your web site advise by Sally Dampney, please can you let me know how you manage to get it past your members, and whether buy having a web site, you have increased your members. How much work is involved in keeping it up to date.

Posted by Anne on 24/01/2011   Email

There are a number of men, both honourable and honorary, who take part in ancillary DEWI events. They are known as POWIs (Prisoners of the WI) a title freely bestowed upon a volunteer non-member of the male gender who, either willingly or unwillingly, at any time whatsoever and without notice, may be coaxed, co-opted, press-ganged, coerced, or nagged into assistance in areas of catering, transportation, manual labour either skilled or unskilled, or any areas of expertise at any time by any member as decreed essential for the smooth running of any DEWI activity.

Posted by Cathie Welch on 24/01/2011

Very informative website. I found you on Google! I also noticed a few stray men in your "walkie talkies" photo. Be careful, you don't want them taking over the WI.

Posted by Anne on 19/01/2011

So glad you liked looking at our website. Best wishes to all at Canwell WI.

Posted by Christine Richards on 18/01/2011   Email

I am currently feeling slightly despondent at the magnitude of the task of creating a website for my WI. I have found some new ideas in the layout and content which will help me to face the rest of the group tonight more cheerfully! Many thanks - you sound as if you enjoy being WI members just as much as we do at Canwell WI in Staffordshire.