Some Photos from the DEWI Archives

DEWI - newly formed WI in 1964

Mavis is top centre, Marion Pockock is beside her to the right, and Sheilah far right.  The story goes that the lady in the front is wearing a hat, not because she is at WI, but because she had been to a Buckingham Palace tea party that day.  To her right is Nurse Blundell who delivered many Dormansland babies, including DEWI offspring during the '60s.

Mavis's WI membership card in 1964 - Membership 5/0d (25p)

WI Members with their Children (and Sheilah's mum) in the 1960s,
in the Parish Room, Dormansland, pre-toddler club days.  Mavis is standing left.

What a spiffing time those young ladies and their guests had at
their barbecue in the early days of DEWI.

Can you spot Sheilah, busy on catering duty, Mavis in the gingham pinny, and Marion between a chef and a nice young man?
Sheilah's father is in the forefront, presiding over the barbecue. 

Not a pair of jeans to be seen at an event like that back in 1964 as they hadn't yet made the transition to acceptable casual wear for all, but one daring young man appears to have come along without a tie .

One of DEWI's early Christmas Parties
- and the headline is "Dormans Go Gay"!  How times have changed.

Sheila Gray still loves the stage.  Here she is performing in the 1960s.

And here is Mavis Tettmar treading the boards in the Parish Room in 1968

Jennifer Naylor, with husband John and toddler James in 1968,
the year Jennifer joined DEWI.

18th Birthday Party in 1982 with past and present members

Top Row left to right
Maureen Yaxeley, Jill Browning, Pam Baulch, Betty Hancock, Hazel Pearson, Judith Eiloart, Thelma Todd (Secretary), Joyce Coleman, Marjorie Ellett (President), Mavis Tettmar, Enid Marten, Margery Poole, Eileen Doran, Olga Steward, Sylvia Pettingell, Rita Cockroft, Jill Parnell, Margaret Crouch, Marian Pocock
Sitting on Stage
Grace Bayley, Sheilah Gray, Pat Rice
Denise Atkinson, Sue Dean, Joan Carter, Ruth Oliver, Judy Page, Emma Moffatt, Shirley Jackson, Josien Yates, Margaret Watson, Carole Levecque, Jennifer Naylor
Sitting front row
Cressida Potter, Karil Greenhalgh, Marjorie Spinks, Pat Marshall

The DEWI Carnival Float in 2004