Some photos of happy DEWI occasions

In Joy's garden

DEWI members busy on a scorching Carnival Day

Outdoor Meeting in Alison's garden

Dormansland clean-up

Garden Party at Holly Bush

Carol grabbing the best bunk on a Walkie-Talkie weekend.  Notice the boots on the bed?

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations on Dormansland Recreation Ground June 2012



Talk on how to make fascinators

Rob Rushton and Christine Gatland in Kensington Gardens at lunchtime on NFWI AGM day, getting ready for the Big
NFWI Knittathon, May 2012, for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.  Notice the look of determination on Rob's
face, it's the DEWI competitive spirit coming out.  Christine, stop admiring the view and get on with your knitting!

Karil Greenhalgh, Anne van Vliet, Sylvia Pettingell, Christine Gatland and Rob Rushton lunching in Kensington
Gardens whilst at the big AGM in London, May 2012.

Walkie-Talkies' Christmas Medley

Day trip to visit the Olympic Village whilst it was under construction in 2011.

Parish Room in the snow

Midsummer sunset at Ardingly

DEWI Walkie-Talkies enjoying refreshment after their final summer
evening walk. The bench beside Cooks Pond in Dormans
Park is a memorial to Betty's late husband Amaury.